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The other day I recommended yoga to a client, suspecting she’d benefit hugely from a regular practice. I suggested she go to a local studio with great teachers. Her response was to ask, "Do they laugh there? Because I really… Continue reading

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Was Lost And Now Am

Bangkok is filled to spewing with smells, sounds, heat, motorcycles, and people, people, people. It’s overwhelming by 8am. This morning, after the best coffee i’ve had in a long time, i set out walking what was supposed to be five … Continue reading

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Making Peace

I’ve made peace with Triangle Pose. This statement may not rock your universe, but my mouth is hanging open. I have not enjoyed Triangle Pose. No, no, it’s more than that. For a year, I have approached Triangle with… Continue reading

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Live Your Business With Open Arms

Over lunch today, a friend and i discussed the ownership of ideas, and whether or not you need to protect them (and your future, and your finances) by not sharing your ideas.  What if someone else uses them? What if … Continue reading

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Yoga Goes Viral

I returned to yoga last year with a feverish intensity. Within two months I’d started a home practice just for the pleasure of it, and it seems there’s no looking back. I was ripe for it.After Christmas, my lovely man… Continue reading

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All The Time In The World

For the foreseeable future (one week? three weeks?), I’ve got all the time in the world. I’m celebrating the end of one career by spending time with the dog (my lovely man is working) at our cabin on an island… Continue reading

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1000 Truths

This week a friend called me on the phone for help. I could hardly hear her for the banging in the background. Contractors, she said. Three of them, working on different projects in the house. I’m going crazy, she said. … Continue reading

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Falling for Warm Poses

Home practice is wonderful these days. Mornings are getting cold here. We wear gloves while walking the dog. Most often, it’s still dark out. I look like a teenager who’s lost her skateboard: a hoodie, baseball cap, baggie pants,… Continue reading

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A Yogi’s Really Big House

Sting has said that yoga is the most interesting thing in his life since music. In my beginner’s eyes, yoga is a house with 1,000 doors in it leading to 1,000 different rooms.Physical Flexibility might be the name over one… Continue reading

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Street Savassana

The patients at my clinic know I’m leaving. There are a hundred stories to tell about that. I’ll start with today’s. After the "Oh, no!" and "I’ll miss you," people get marvelously practical. "What are you going to do with… Continue reading

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