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No Resolutions Here

A pox on New Year’s resolutions. Yay for you if they work, but they have not worked for me, ever. Instead, they raise an unrealistic bar set by any guilt and shame still hanging around from the old year. I… Continue reading

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Best Yoga of 2010?

Best yoga of 2010? Okay, I’ll start. Hands down, no question, it was 108 Sun Salutations, done by myself at 4am on the solstice, December 21st. Why was it the best? (I will resist giving you all 108 reasons.) I… Continue reading

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Happy, Merry … Love to the Yogis

Oh, this is a tricky time of year! And I’m so incorrect! I grew up with Christmas, so it’s what I know. Many/most in the world don’t celebrate. (I’m envious more often than not.) We put a real tree (cut… Continue reading

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Putting the Yoga Back in Christmas

Christmas is a crazy-making time of year. For every lucky person who loves it (the turkey! the kids! the shopping! the religious whatever!) there is one who doesn’t (the elevated pressure to be jolly! the family! the cooking! the shopping!… Continue reading

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Trust Sandwich

My son is in his first year at The National Theatre School, which he sometimes calls The National Becoming A Human School. ¬†One of the roughly 14,500 things he loves about school (only a few of which we covered during … Continue reading

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Sing It To Me

Can we talk about chanting? At my regular yoga studio, we begin classes with an Om or three. We finish with an Om or three and then shanti, shanti, shanti. It was embarrassing the first time. By my second class I’d fallen… Continue reading

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Yoga, A Love Story

One of the things that yoga teaches me is this lifelong trip with my body is a love story. Some days I struggle, some days practice is effortless, some days I laugh through it, some days discouragement is the… Continue reading

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Beginning Again

I’ve just celebrated my one year anniversary with yoga. My classes at the studio began last October, and last December I started practicing at home so that I might not continue to die after every class.Neither the beginner’s crazy enthusiasm… Continue reading

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Retreating Lessons

It seems to me we learn lessons all day, every day. With every yoga class, every home practice, every work day, every family gathering, I learn something more about my body, my frustrations, my desires, and my direction in life.Once… Continue reading

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Tasting Kindness

A few days ago, I flew home from Bangkok after finding out my lovely man has a tumour in his eye. You may have had one of these experiences in your life, the kind that catapults you into love and … Continue reading

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