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Focus Pocus

This week, two notes arrived from yoga land, one about asana practice and one about meditation, both saying this: I know you love your practice, but what do yoga and meditation actually do for you? Here’s my answer of the… Continue reading

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Two Eyes

We popped my lovely man’s eye in this morning. Jesus Murphy. To be accurate, he had his bionic eye (orbital implant) sewn in some weeks ago. That part (we call the whole thing Seymour, now) is a small, maroon, slightly … Continue reading

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Funk Yoga

My sister called this morning, on the tail end of a four-day premenstrual funk. During said funk, she forgoes dinner for chocolate bars and Skittles, which she calls bags of pretty-colored death. She wears sweat pants, a hoodie, and fat… Continue reading

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I mentioned a while ago that my lovely man had a tumor in his eye. We have, as a result, roller-coastered through diagnosis and treatment, spending time on many of the 18 floors of Princess Margaret, the largest cancer hospital… Continue reading

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Oprah’s Card

I read that Jennifer Aniston recently gave Oprah a yoga mat with a picture of her dogs on it. I suggest we create a card to go along with the mat. We’ll make it a big card, so that each… Continue reading

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Bring on the Germs

When my lovely man began yoga classes, he borrowed a mat from the rack of mats at the front of the studio. It worked well enough for him, so he borrowed the same mat for the next 9 or 10… Continue reading

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Oh, Yeah?

My yoga teacher trained in Mysore. Well so did mine. Mine lived in Mysore for 17 years.My teacher was born in Mysore. Well mine is on her third lifetime in Mysore. I go there for classes all winter.Do you know these conversations?My yoga teacher has… Continue reading

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Who’s Zoomin’ Who?

The strangest thing is happening, and until this morning it was happening to me but without my awareness. At the end of practice, recently, a bit addled by meditation and some Downward Dog ecstasy, I move, without any plan, without… Continue reading

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Great Ball of Fire

It was -41 degrees Celsius here yesterday, which is about the same in Fahrenheit, and might as well be absolute zero, the point at which all thermal motion in the universe ceases. It was cold. This is unusual, even for… Continue reading

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