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The Reasons We Love Practice

This week I asked every yogi I met what their favorite part of practice is right now, today, in this moment. Here are some answers: 1. The sounds my feet make as they let go at the beginning of practice.2…. Continue reading

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Spring Fever

We’re still walking on water in this ridiculous part of the world. There’s nothing religious in that. The sad truth of it is that there is still 33 inches of ice between us and water in its liquid state. But… Continue reading

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Best Friend Poses

Some asanas are like friends, and I have two kinds. The first is the easy kind, the kind I love to be with no matter how low I am or high I am; no matter how angry, sad, or… Continue reading

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Yoga Talk

Last week, a great friend of my lovely man died/passed/took-off-the-tight-shoe, and we gathered at a funeral home to send him off. I was in that horrid lineup, the reception line or whatever it’s called, trying not to cry, being one… Continue reading

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Who Are You?

I was at a funeral on the weekend. A very charming, intelligent friend of my lovely man took off the tight shoe sometime last week after a full 82 years. Here’s what whacked me: His body was there. It’s been … Continue reading

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Yoga in the Middle of Nowhere

A friend invited me to her yoga class this week. "It’s a 10-minute walk from my house," she said. "How can that be, when you live in the middle of nowhere?" "You’ll see," she said. We set out at sunset… Continue reading

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Something Happened to Fear

In the middle of a photo shoot yesterday involving a snake slithering across my fake-tattooed-but-otherwise-naked back, it occurred to me that some huge shift in fear has occurred during the last year.Yoga is responsible. That sounds ridiculous, but it’s true…. Continue reading

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"everything which is natural which is infinite which is yes"

I grew up on ee cummings, the American poet. Neither of my parents is a fan, as far as I know, but we had collections of poetry along with Shakespeare and all kinds of wonderful literature on the bookshelves… Continue reading

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And The World Comes Crashing In

Mornings are not what they were. My lovely man has begun his own morning practice of yoga and meditation. I should be happy for him. I’m not. The world was mine at 4 a.m. (God, how early do you have… Continue reading

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Why Meditate? To Go to the Well

I wake up with a circus in my head. Forgot to call the sound guy yesterday (theatre), have to start practicing with the snake (theatre), lots to do today including a conversation I’d rather not have (theatre), worried about one … Continue reading

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