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Six Things I Know

There are six things I know about myself this morning after yoga practice:1. I’m OK skipping one day of practice. My body is happiest when I don’t skip two days. It is perhaps pathetic to begin this list by discussing… Continue reading

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High-Tech Peace

The iPhone might be the best thing that has happened to my meditation practice over the last month.For the most part, we live in a low-tech house. The TV gets plugged in when we want to watch a movie…. Continue reading

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Homing Instinct

Here’s a confession: for the last six months, 98 percent of my practice has been at home. For some reason I feel guilty about this. Why? Perhaps because so many of you are teachers. Perhaps because I love my own… Continue reading

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Which Yoga Camp Would You Attend?

My sister called the other day and said we should plan a yoga trip together. We whooped and laughed about how fantastic an idea that is until I asked my first question. "What kind of yoga camp would shall we… Continue reading

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Yoga Home

We just finished moving, and hope not to do it again for about 400 years. Everything about it is disorienting. Three weeks before the move, I’d already lost books, clothes, and files I still needed every day. They were… Continue reading

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Ode to a Pose

It’s about time somebody wrote an ode to Side Plank. Whenever I ask for favorite poses and least favorite poses, Side Plank (Vasisthasana) crowds the second list. It seems you don’t love it. I do. Here’s why:1. It takes just… Continue reading

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Everything I Need to Know I Learn from Theatre

We’re in the middle of rehearsals for a play called “Talking With…” I wish you could be here with us, because the learning is fantastic. Here are today’s “lessons to self”.  (One of the  beautiful things about theatre is that … Continue reading

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Beginner’s Mind

It might be that a blog called Beginner’s Mind is the best thing that ever happened to my yoga practice. When I began writing this a year ago, the wonderful people at Yoga Journal gave me this title. I’d been… Continue reading

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Stalking the Elusive Bandhas

I’m supposed to have my mula bandha "locked" throughout my ashtanga practice. I hear that it’s the key to great yoga; that mula bandha is the doorway to flexibility, concentration, body heat, core strength, to stopping my wayward prana from… Continue reading

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