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Nervousness on the Mat

On the phone this morning, I mentioned to my sister that I’m often anxious about going to new yoga studios. Truth be told, I’m nervous going back to my home studio whenever I’ve been away for a bit. "So what?"… Continue reading

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Perfect Timing

On Tuesday I mentioned going to my first Kundalini class at a new-to-me studio in Toronto. It’d been a while since I’d been to any class at all. The buzz it left me with was enough to bring me back… Continue reading

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Why Meditate? Got a Grudge?

I had a grudge going this week. Full-out, personal, justified, thorny, supported by anyone to whom i presented my case, consuming, blood-pressure-raising, unattractive yet perversely seductive, impossible to let go, and exhausting. That’s one truth. Here’s another. I know that … Continue reading

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Meeting Kundalini

In meditation circles, Kundalini yoga has a big-girl-on-the-block reputation. Something about Kundalini yoga, at least in theory, lends itself to meditation, altered states of consciousness, and bliss.Wikipedia says this: Practitioners call Kundalini yoga,the yoga of awareness because they claim… Continue reading

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The Full Meal Deal

We’re a cranky household this week. Neither one of us has done our morning practice for four days. They have been four long, long days. My lovely man’s been working and, well, I don’t know what else. I’ve been doing… Continue reading

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Yoga and Money

First of all, thanks very much for the approximately 26 billion pieces of mail you sent after I posted a short blog about the cost of yoga classes. It may take me a while to get back to each of… Continue reading

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The Money Thing

Can we talk about the money thing? Last week, someone wrote saying it was a terrible shame that yoga costs so much money and that the superstar teachers charge huge sums for their classes. Yoga should be free, he suggested…. Continue reading

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Off The Mat Yoga

Off-the-mat yoga became real to me this week. I don’t mean lovely things are happening that might indirectly be connected to my yoga and meditation practices. I mean that I am witnessing significant, substantial changes in life that feel directly… Continue reading

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Mantras on the Mat

"This too shall pass." Sounds biblical. Wikipedia says no, that it first showed up in the writings of the Persian Sufi poets. This makes me whirling-dervish happy, being a huge fan of Hafiz and Rumi. Other sources say it’s credited… Continue reading

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Gratitude Admist Chaos

We’ve just finished move-in weekend for the play I’m directing. Move in is horrendous. It involves long, long days of actors waiting hours longer than I’d predicted while lighting design people solve problems I don’t understand and can’t begin to… Continue reading

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