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Channeling Marlene

"Darling, the legs aren’t so beautiful, I just know what to do with them." –Marlene Dietrich Who knows whether it’s Kundalini yoga or the fact I’ve been back into yoga for almost two years. (Maybe it’s affected by summer, menopause,… Continue reading

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The Third Shanti

We’ve been chatting about the ending of some practices, during which we chant shanti, shanti, shanti. The first shanti is to beam internal healing or some kind of wonderful intention for ourselves. The second shanti is to send some peaceful,… Continue reading

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Shanti Outward

Thanks for all your beautiful responses for first-person shanti. I trust that the combination of our collective beaming and your willingness to speak your wishes out loud will manifest surprising things. So. Our second shanti at the end of class… Continue reading

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Naked First-Person Shantis

At the end of one of my classes, we chant shanti, shanti, shanti. Three times. The first is to beam something wonderful and healing for ourselves. The second is to beam something wonderful to someone else. The third is to… Continue reading

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Kundalini for Newbies

A good number of people wrote this week to ask about Kundalini Yoga. For those of you who aren’t interested, hang in, and I’ll do my best to return to wonderful thoughts on all things yoga next week, despite my… Continue reading

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Kundalini Crush

I’ve got a bad, bad case of Kundalini Crush. There’s no pride in saying this. I haven’t said much about my last crush, on Javier Bardem, for example, even though he is the best actor in the WORLD, because it… Continue reading

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Everything I Need to Know

I’ve just returned from acting and directing at a theatre festival. Wish you’d been with us. Here’s what came up. 1. We think healthy and not-so-healthy thoughts, we feel healthy and not-so-healthy feelings. I do better when i welcome both, … Continue reading

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Classes in My Basement

Yoga exists on the other side of the known universe from television. That’s my opinionated opinion. Or was. Yesterday’s mail changed that. I received my first three yoga DVDs, the ones I ordered after my introduction to Kundalini yoga…. Continue reading

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Beyond Science

My daughter’s master’s thesis has to do with the effect of yoga on heat shock proteins, if I understand her correctly. What it means is that she cycles across Windsor, Ontario, every morning with a portable centrifuge in her backpack,… Continue reading

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Yoga and Energy Management

Oh, I adore yoga today. Over a 20-year career in health care practice, you can’t help but see that health care, indeed life care, has everything to do with management of energy. Some people have a strong sense of their… Continue reading

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