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Missing Emma

Two friends of mine said goodbye to their 16-year-old dog last week. Emma, a golden lab, arrived sometime after Kevin and Sue met but before they married. She shed blond hair the way the sun shines: prolifically and without pause…. Continue reading

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Fantasy Yoga Class

This morning I’m dreaming about a fantasy yoga class. Here’s what mine looks like:First, it’s Kundalini yoga. I’m smitten. What can I say. The class includes the following people: 1. Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, the great whirling dervish Kundalini yogini. (She can… Continue reading

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I Am Not This Body

It’s a tricky business combining meditation and asana practices in a life. There’s the obvious problem of time when you decide to do sitting meditation twice a day and you happen to be so head-over-heels with kundalini yoga that you’re… Continue reading

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Truth is an Inside Job

The other day I mentioned that meditation is a fantastic way of detaching from the opinions (often called truths) of those around us: family, church, work, media, health care, and peers. At a family reunion on the weekend, I saw … Continue reading

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Summer Highlights

Sometime during the last hour, I touched my heels in Camel Pose. First time ever. There should be fireworks going off somewhere. This is absolutely one of the finest moments of the summer for me.Here are others: 2.Two of my brothers… Continue reading

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Learning What My Body Wants

I paddled flat water kayak and war canoe competitively when I was young. It involved training two or three times each day during the summer, and strength training all winter. What I remember about our summer workouts was one minute… Continue reading

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Yoga Was Weird Once, Too

Yoga’s come a long way, baby. When my mother took yoga classes 40 years ago, she was weird. She was dabbling in something cultish, Eastern (as if that didn’t say it all), nutty-seedy vegetarian and bound to zip down a… Continue reading

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To Ann and All The Teachers in Training

Over the last few months I’ve had the pleasure of corresponding with Ann, a Yoga Journal reader who is smack in the middle of yoga teacher training. As you’d expect, she’s experiencing ups, downs, and growth in about 47 different… Continue reading

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Modern Yoga Wisdom

If I were writing my own version of the Yoga Sutra (a 2,000-year old guide for the practice of yoga), I would include this bit of wisdom: In your practice, some asanas will elicit such panicky resistance from your body… Continue reading

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What Is Your Yoga?

"It’s not the asanas that will change your life. It’s the courage you bring to your practice that will change your life." Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa I froze mid-leg swing when I heard that while watching her DVD last night…. Continue reading

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