“The quality of my life is determined by the quality of my questions.”

I love that quote for a million reasons.

1. Curious people are alive. This is what i want to be.

2. I can easily fall into asking questions like, “Why can’t you take the garbage out this week? Why is it only Monday? Why isn’t my career happening faster? Why is this awful thing happening to me/my kid/my best friend/Pakistan?

These are questions that leave me humming in a lousy place.

3. I appreciate the reminder to choose my questions carefully.

Here are some of the questions that serve me well:

What matters most to me at this point in my life?

Can I trust that I am enough, as is, to create the kind of life I want?

Do I trust in a beneficent universe or not?

Am i choosing this relationship/work/path forward out of love or fear?

What are the questions that serve you well? I’d love to hear.

Thanks, as always, for the conversation,


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4 Responses to “The quality of my life is determined by the quality of my questions.”

  1. will this issue be important in 10 minute, 10 days, and 10 months?

  2. Tina says:

    Why not????

  3. Karen L says:

    > for over 10 years,”is it the REAL me worshipping the REAL God??!!
    > how does this compare in the light of eternity??
    > am I fully present this moment?? staying in the NOW??

  4. Elly says:

    What am I saying? Am I committed to this? What am I thinking? Do I really believe this? What am I doing? How will this help?

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