1000 Truths

This week a friend called me on the phone for help. I could hardly hear her for the banging in the background. Contractors, she said. Three of them, working on different projects in the house. I’m going crazy, she said. Crying for no reason. Hate my work, strung out with the family, don’t know where I’m going. Give me something.

It was impossible not to laugh, because we have all been there.

Here’s what she wanted to be reminded of:

There are 1000 truths in front of me at any time.

There are contractors smashing things downstairs. True.

Work is tough. True.

Family is tougher. True.

Don’t know where she’s going. True.

Those are four truths. She is honest and justified in leading with those.


The contractors are making the house beautiful, not to mention warm for the winter. True.

She’s excited about what work might become when this awful patch is over. True.

Family is tough right now because she’s  standing up for herself for the first time in decades. True.

She doesn’t know everything about where she’s going. It’s been a long time since the future looked so open and full of possibility. True.

She loves her husband, she’s healthy, November is unusually warm, and she still have a sense of humour. True.

There are always 1000 truths in front of me. I am honest and justified in focusing on any of them.  But some of them empower me, and some of them are completely deflating. Some of them make me optimistic and happy, some of them make me feel like hell.

Choice is mine, and if you believe that your thoughts have consequences for your life tomorrow, the choice is pivotal.

1000 truths. I choose.

Thanks for the conversation,


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4 Responses to 1000 Truths

  1. Kate says:

    This is so true, and a very helpful post. Thank you!

  2. Judy says:

    This is wonderful and well put. I will pass it on to my daughters to share. Thank you so much.

  3. Kirstan says:

    I posted part of this as my Facebook status as a reminder for myself to keep thinking positively, and I’ve had a few people thanking me for sharing your words with them. What a wonderful feather pillow upside the head, a gentle (but pointed) reminder that no matter what is happening in my life, I choose to let it bother me, or to let it go and carry on with my day.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  4. Claudia says:

    Dear Kristin,

    I love your blog! It helps me connecting every day with my soul and the spiritual way.
    About the post, I think that we spend too much time thinking and sharing our vital energy in things that not always help us to conect with ideas or just feelings that help us live our lives more consciously. Sometimes I find myself spending my energy, my time and not see a beautiful sun, while I am ungry or sad or just lost in thoughts and feelings that makes me unhappy, more confused and less in the present time.
    Thank you very much for sharing your ideas and give us this special space.
    Sorry my english, I’m still learning it!

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