A Book, Maybe

It’s good to be back.

It’s not like I’ve been in a tent in Sri Lanka or anything.  I’ve been writing for theatre and now for film (stories about love in difficult situations and with difficult people), and chatting to groups about the same things we talk about here. Life is good, good.

And we have a lovely forum over at Dr. Kristin Shepherd on Facebook, where we do  thoughts to lift us up a bit and to remind us who we are.  The community there is gorgeous.

I haven’t been doing much here because, well, I got lost in a technology swamp. I moved, my old computer is no longer hooked to the net, I couldn’t find my way back into the back door of WordPress, etc., etc.  I have more usernames and passwords than the cosmos has stars and every single technological platform I use is in need of some loving.

Here’s the thing, though. I may do a wee book consisting of favourite chunks of writing and favourite daily thoughts. People keep asking, and it’d feel good.

So. If you have any particular faves, please feel free to let me know here, at the Facebook site, or at kristin@kristinshepherd.ca.

If you’re still here and still listening, thanks.

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2 Responses to A Book, Maybe

  1. Judi Race says:

    How about all of them……I tend to love ‘ALL” of them….Yep…. Now that’s really not my indecisiveness , it’s cause I mostly love them all. You are real and because of that it is pertinent to ME…and you ! xo Thanx

  2. Milly says:

    I love the FB post about difficult love. It was posted on (or around) Mother’s day this year. There are so many more I love but that one really resonated with me.
    Thank you.

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