Better than Chocolate

I’m not so much into literal interpretations of resurrection myths, but I am completely into being reborn in any way I can, any time I can.

This Easter weekend has been the best ever.

On the death/life cusp this weekend:

1. A friend’s funeral. She’d have loved the sun yesterday. Hope it’s sunny wherever you are, Nancy.

2 (Excuse the leap from the meaningful to the completely shallow.) A complete emptying of the fridge. We’re eating mango chutney by the spoonful and toast and peanut butter over and over, having forgotten that the stores are closed twice this weekend. I paid $4.79 for a litre of milk this morning so that I could have a cup of coffee. No turkey and scalloped potatoes at our place. No foil-covered rabbits.

3. I have, and I say this with enormous satisfaction, completed my tax preparations for the year 2009. This takes a minimum of five days of nailed-to-my-desk suffering and unparalleled crankiness. I am jubilant.  (This is the only thing in my life that warrants the word jubilant, which is a kind of Easter word, don’t you think?)

4. I was up at 4 this morning, doing yoga. Wide awake, too stirred up by #1, too agitated by #2, too excited by #3 to sleep another wink. My sun salutation faces a large window that faces the lake. Which has been frozen for months and months, which feels like forever, which feels like purgatory.

I finished my yoga sometime after dawn, and ran (mindfully, sort of) for the binoculars.

It’s been warm all week, warm enough for crocuses and robins. And there was an enormous wind during last night’s thunderstorm.

And, yeah! for yoga, yeah for taxes!, yeah!, even, for friends moving on, the lake is open!

This afternoon it’s all diamonds in the sun, looking like some kind of heaven. And this, for the non-religious, is being resurrected, reborn, and saved.

Get yourself to the nearest body of water (even if it’s a glass of water in the sun).

Spring is here.

Happy Easter, and thanks for the conversation,


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