Everything I Need to Know I Learn from Theatre

We’re in the middle of rehearsals for a play called “Talking With…” I wish you could be here with us, because the learning is fantastic. Here are today’s “lessons to self”.  (One of the  beautiful things about theatre is that it is not prescriptive.  I learn whatever i’m ready to learn today. You may learn something completely different.)

1. Truth is gorgeous. Trust that your truth is enough. Stop faking anything in the hopes that it’ll make you more substantial, more interesting, more charming, more successful. It doesn’t work.

2. Sometimes it takes horrible courage to give yourself to an audience or anyone else. Be bwave.

3. Stay open, no matter how tempted you are to close the windows, the doors, the gates, and the drawbridges.

4. Every single trait in every single human is inside you somewhere. Resisting that is a waste of your beautiful energy.

5. Joy comes from committing to your choices, not from endlessly assessing the merit of those choices with your squirrelly mind, which will never be satisfied and which doesn’t know the first thing about joy.

6. Your instincts are gold.

7. Not knowing is all right. Often preferable.

8. You’ll be an idiot to yourself and others some days. Practice instant forgiveness.

9. We are extremely fortunate to be able to play with others. Many thanks for that.

10. Cats and snakes are better actors than we are, given their inability to be anything but truthful. Don’t be discouraged by this.  Don’t be discouraged for long about anything.

Thanks for the conversation,


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2 Responses to Everything I Need to Know I Learn from Theatre

  1. Judi Race says:

    thank you toooooo…

  2. I love all of these, Kristin. The ones speaking loudest to me today are “truth is gorgeous” and “joy comes from committing to your choices”… I’m sitting here on a rainy Saturday afternoon, which I am very excited about. It’s the perfect day to catch up on some writing. I have lots of ideas but they’re not quite done yet, they’re feeling forced. Your post reminded me to stop trying so hard, they’ll become clear when they’re ready. Thank you:)

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