Everything I Need To Learn, I Learn From Actors

I was at a theatre workshop over the weekend during which we presented audition monologues. Scary as hell, incredible learning. Wish you’d been there.

Here are some lessons for life, health, and business from that event:

1. Get in or get out. Nothing is worse than watching or working with someone who doesn’t care. And nothing is more attractive than someone who loves what they’re doing so much that you can taste it in the air around them.

2. Risk is beautiful. Courage is beautiful. Both of them make people radiant.

3. Looking like an untalented, incompetent idiot is a horrible, horrible feeling. It’s going to happen to me at some point if I decide to be courageous.

So decide: courage, risk, and falling on my ugliest loser face from time to time OR safety, a very small life, zero development of my gifts, and never ever finding out who I really am.You pick.

4. Realizing that I don’t die when I “fail flamboyantly”- when people think I’m an idiot for trying, when what I produce is mediocre or worse – surviving that sets me free. And freedom is the best gig ever.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for the conversation,


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2 Responses to Everything I Need To Learn, I Learn From Actors

  1. baba says:

    Hi Kristin,
    Thanks for sharing your wise words with us.I agree with you…the risk of failure often projects a different actor with mixed up words..a role we are not supposed to play.Everything we do we must try to do with love…that attracts love around us …in the energy,in the air,in our breath and essentially in our life.Failure is not looking or feeling stupid…i think failure is not understanding the joy that arises from loving…om shantih…Baba

  2. Karen L says:

    I have SSOOO enjoyed reading through this blog of your life steps leading to letting go of your clinic! I am also at another crossroad where I am wondering if I dig in deeper in my medical profession to be able to work in a much more technical and broad-scope setting than ever before?(which will require MUCH refreshing of theory!) ..OR…do I change directions and find a different people-group to hang out with in my “day-job”…..Your thoughts are the comments are inspiring for sure. I think I too will hoist the sails and see where the Wind of the Spirit blows!! Blessings on your new journey!!!

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