Hoping Time Isn’t Linear

Omg!!!!, I would say if I were texting this.

I’ve just been having a whack at revamping my website – you know, updating it to include the important stuff that’s happened since I last looked at it about eight gazillion years ago.

While deleting seventeen pages of spam comments about purses, big dicks, and auspiciousness, I happened upon pages and pages of comments that some of you have written in response to my wee posts. I’ve never seen most of these. Somehow, I can figure out Facebook but I can’t find a way to see your comments to the website easily and respond to them.

First, I’m sorry to have missed your words at the time. It’s so beautiful to read them now. It feels like a party that we’re all at, gathered across time.

Second, I’m going to recruit some help to improve this situation. I don’t have an interest in monitoring seventeen different platforms, but I do have an interest in continuing the conversation that goes on here.

There’s some kind of irony in talking about being present – being here, now – and finding out that some of your words have taken years to reach these ears.

This universe cracks me up. I’m glad to be in it together.

Much love. xoxo




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