Live Your Business With Open Arms

Over lunch today, a friend and i discussed the ownership of ideas, and whether or not you need to protect them (and your future, and your finances) by not sharing your ideas.  What if someone else uses them? What if we share and then there’s no room in the market for us anymore? Isn’t it wrong for someone else to use my ideas?  Etc.  This is the way we were brought up to think.

All of that thinking reflects a lack of trust in ourselves, in others, and in the basic goodness of the universe.  (If trusting the universe seems ridiculous to you, just ignore all of this and go on being proprietary with your ideas.)

I think business can be done with open, generous arms and complete transparency.  In fact i think that’s the only way to do business and remain human.

In the middle of this discussion, Shari, the waitress, came to our table.  I told her the raspberry cheesecake was delicious, and asked her whether the recipe was a secret or whether she’d share.

Of course we share, she said.  Our recipes are healthy and delicious.  Why shouldn’t the whole town have them?

This is good business.  Will sharing the recipe stop us from going? No.  Will it grow her business?  Yes.  Can we all apply that to our businesses?  I hope so.  Because love wins.  Every time.

Thanks to Shari and the owners of VegOut for the great cheesecake and the great advice. And thanks to you for your thoughts,


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2 Responses to Live Your Business With Open Arms

  1. nanci farella says:

    What a great reminder – I sometimes feel like I want to hold back with sharing ideas/plans for my business since I don’t feel like the rest of the industry is out there sharing as much as I’d like (just my perception…doesn’t mean it’s reality), so I become caught up in the protective thing. After sitting in that mode for a bit, it doesn’t feel right and it doesn’t serve me/my business, so naturally I am inclined to go out and share. How else will we all learn and grow!?!
    Sharing leads to others being happy – I’m all for giving up the recipe if it makes someone else smile and pay it forward!

  2. Mary Ward says:

    Kristen, I was just on yoga journal and you asked what was the favorite part of the practice and the lovely man answered simply “the practice”. You didn’t seem to get it. Which surprised me. You will get that same answer from B.K.S. Iengar, Patabi Jois and my teacher Johnny Gillespie. It is all about the practice. If you really dive into your practice with your whole being, that answer will resonate with you too. Nothing more is needed.
    I know this doesn’t have anything to do with what you were writing about here, my apologies. I just found this the fastest way to speak to you.

    From my heart, Namaste

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