Say we’re apples and we want a big, sweet, juicy life

(Or a few thoughts on how to get what we want.)

1. Stop going around saying we’re small and sour.  So what if we are?  We’ll grow into something different, and being sour about being small and sour is a counterproductive drag.
2.  Stop moaning that we’d rather be eggplants.  We’re not this time around.  Somewhere out in the universe, before we got here, we decided to have a go at being an apple.  Make peace with that.
3.  Stop competing with the other apples.  I know we love to be special, but the truth is that If they win, so do we.  We’re all in this together whether or not we get that at this early, sour stage of our life. 
4.  There is absolutely no point in trying to control the leaves, branches, trunk, ground, sunshine, and rain.  Best of luck trying, and thanks for the comedy, but it never works.

So what the hell, you say.  What are we supposed to do?

Let’s try this on:

Why not just spend the day trusting that the universe works, and that we are completely connected to everything that works – to the tree, sure, but even to the sun and the rain.  Trust it even if it’s a stretch.  Just for a day.

Why not relax for one day, dropping our list of wish-i-were-that-instead-of-this’s, have-to-outperform them’s, and management controls, and just see whether or not photosynthesis and growth and sweetness go on without us busting our little apple heads about it?

I have an idea it’ll work. 
Let me know.
Thanks for the conversation,

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2 Responses to Say we’re apples and we want a big, sweet, juicy life

  1. Eryn says:

    You know, at times I do feel happy with myself as I am and what I’ve accomplished thus far, but I always end up feeling that’s socially wrong. Why does the world constantly point the finger at all the things we haven’t done, instead of congratulating us for all the greatness we’ve already accomplished?

  2. Elly says:

    Oh hey, I really relate to being an apple! The image makes me smile. I’ll borrow this one, if I may!

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