Trust Sandwich

My son is in his first year at The National Theatre School, which he sometimes calls The National Becoming A Human School.  One of the roughly 14,500 things he loves about school (only a few of which we covered during a five hour breakfast last week) is lunch. In the cafeteria.

There’s this lunch guy, Isaac , pronounced E-tzack, because he’s French, who works in the NTS cafeteria.  (Adrian, my son,  says something amazing must go on at job interviews there, because every single employee is interesting and passionate about being there.)  When Adrian orders lunch, he can do it the regular way if he wants.  Or, get this, he can order a Trust Sandwich, in which case Isaac, pronounced, E-tzack, will make something fabulous and original with Adrian in mind.

I swoon, contemplating this.  This is how cafeteria food can make us well.

Take this, somebody, and apply it in your home, in your workplace, at your gym, at your grocery store.  And see how quickly this changes everything.

Get back to me on how it goes, will you?  I’d love to hear.

Thanks for the conversation,


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  1. Abby Stoddart says:

    Dr. Shepherd,

    I read about your 108 Sun Salutations in Yoga Journal. This is a new goal of mine. I am curious, though, is the number 108 significant? How?

    Thank you!


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