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Transitioning with Thanks

This is my last post with Beginner’s Mind. Change has always both scared the hell out of me and thrilled me right down to the mula bandha, to put it politely. But with age, with experience, and I swear with… Continue reading

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Simple Things

Funny, the more yoga I do, the less I have to say about it. More accurately, what comes out of my mouth and my head/heart gets simpler as my practice matures. I am less concerned than ever about where I… Continue reading

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What Matters in Class

Earlier this week a friend called and mentioned she’d convinced a group of coworkers to do an introductory yoga series. She offered to attend the classes with them, only to discover that, "there’s no other way to say this, the… Continue reading

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Happy Side Effects

We can talk for days about what the central point of meditation is. It’s possible that it’s different for each of us. For me, there’s no question. It’s a lifelong discovery process of looking more and more deeply into who… Continue reading

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Spending Time With the Whole

We talked last time about meditation being like digging a well, except that the digging is more like successive letting go, and with each letting go, we sink a little deeper until we reach the wholeness of who we are,… Continue reading

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Digging the Whole

It’s like digging a well every morning. I breathe my way down through layers of restlessness, distracted focus, speedy thinking and 50 other kinds of discomfort. Sometimes this takes two minutes. Sometimes the entire practice is the digging, although the digging is… Continue reading

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Light Passing Through

"You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart." This is Steve Jobs, of course, in his now-famous 2005 commencement speech at Stanford University. During meditation, if we’re fortunate, we experience a kind of life-altering nakedness… Continue reading

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Meditation For Real Life: Love

"If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other." This quote is from Mother Teresa, apparently. I’m wary when I read things attributed to her. I often wonder whether it’s really Bob… Continue reading

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Meditation And Real Life – One Minute of Peace

It’s been a wonderful, crazy month: auditions, filming, workshops, a cabin in the middle of nowhere, speaking for beautiful groups of people, and heaps of yoga. It’s easy for meditation to get lost in the kafuffle. My guess is… Continue reading

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Meditation For Life – Training Thought

A friend called this morning, unable to tear her thoughts away from an all-consuming problem in her life. She wanted help. Here’s a reason to meditate. Unable to tear her thoughts away? That’s a bit like me going to… Continue reading

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