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To The Young Woman on Cash at The Grocery Store

I was just in the grocery store, buying paprika and chili powder. It was  my second time in this store in less than an hour. Most of the cashiers are wonderful in this place, the kind of women (why always … Continue reading

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Light Passing Through

“You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.” This is Steve Jobs, of course. During meditation, if we’re fortunate, we experience a kind of life-altering nakedness that permanently affects our perspective about what we are … Continue reading

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I Am More Than This

Warning: We are all actors. Acting in theatre is like growing a yoga practice. You do it with wonderful people. Some of it is challenging, most of it is fun. There are a lot of laughs. All the while, a… Continue reading

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A man named Ed comes to my clinic every second Wednesday. He arrives 40 minutes before my afternoon hours begin. When I ask him why he arrives so early, he says he can’t keep himself away from me. Ed is … Continue reading

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Trust: Yourself or Someone Else?

I’m leaving my profession this fall after 20 years. I woke up one day knowing it was time. No big deal for the superheroes of this world, but if you’re at all like me, you’ll understand the tightening of the … Continue reading

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Be Bwave

My kids have finally driven me crazy. It wasn’t the baby thing or the teenage thing. They’ll be 23 and 21 this summer. It was them becoming shockingly, mouth-droppingly inspiring human beings that did me in. My daughter is in China … Continue reading

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