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gorgeous people everywhere, #1

There’s a woman who works at our post office downtown. She’s tall, strong looking, blonde/grey, and has a good, big mouth and therefore a good, big smile. She’s missing at least one part of one finger. You probably know her. … Continue reading

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To The Young Woman on Cash at The Grocery Store

I was just in the grocery store, buying paprika and chili powder. It was  my second time in this store in less than an hour. Most of the cashiers are wonderful in this place, the kind of women (why always … Continue reading

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On kids and their instincts

My dog and i were out for a walk the other morning on trails behind our house. To set a relevant context, I’ll tell you that dogs run free on those trails and that my dog, though poorly trained and … Continue reading

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Who Are You?

I was at a funeral on the weekend. A very charming, intelligent friend of my lovely man took off the tight shoe sometime last week after a full 82 years. Here’s what whacked me: His body was there. It’s been … Continue reading

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Trust Sandwich

My son is in his first year at The National Theatre School, which he sometimes calls The National Becoming A Human School.  One of the roughly 14,500 things he loves about school (only a few of which we covered during … Continue reading

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1000 Truths

This week a friend called me on the phone for help. I could hardly hear her for the banging in the background. Contractors, she said. Three of them, working on different projects in the house. I’m going crazy, she said. … Continue reading

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Saying Goodbye to Ed

A few posts ago, i mentioned my friend Ed, who is one of the georgeous people i’m saying goodbye to at the clinic.  Here he is, playing “You Are My Sunshine” one last time. [stream flv=x:/www.kristinshepherd.ca/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/Ed.flv img=x:/www.kristinshepherd.ca/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/ed.jpg embed=false share=false width=360 … Continue reading

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And When The Idea of Joy is Just Depressing?

On our cynical days, we say, oh please, you think joy is possible, or effective, or realistic? And i say, yes, it’s all three. But if it isn’t within reach today, if the idea of joy is depressing, try one … Continue reading

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Grounded Change

One month from today, I’m leaving my professional practice. I graduated as a chiropractor in 1989, hoping vaguely that I’d be helpful to people and that I’d have a good time doing it.What I underestimated was the degree to which… Continue reading

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Are You Looking at Me?

Eye contact is a funny thing.  I’ve just returned from a meditation camp during which we spent hours and hours staring into each others’ eyes.  It was strange and tense to begin with, but delicious and strangely satisfying before long. … Continue reading

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