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Hoping Time Isn’t Linear

Omg!!!!, I would say if I were texting this. I’ve just been having a whack at revamping my website – you know, updating it to include the important stuff that’s happened since I last looked at it about eight gazillion … Continue reading

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gorgeous people everywhere, #1

There’s a woman who works at our post office downtown. She’s tall, strong looking, blonde/grey, and has a good, big mouth and therefore a good, big smile. She’s missing at least one part of one finger. You probably know her. … Continue reading

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To The Young Woman on Cash at The Grocery Store

I was just in the grocery store, buying paprika and chili powder. It was  my second time in this store in less than an hour. Most of the cashiers are wonderful in this place, the kind of women (why always … Continue reading

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A Book, Maybe

It’s good to be back. It’s not like I’ve been in a tent in Sri Lanka or anything.  I’ve been writing for theatre and now for film (stories about love in difficult situations and with difficult people), and chatting to … Continue reading

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‘Tis The Season

“Are you ready for Christmas?” What the hell does that mean? What a season. Sure, we sing Christmas tunes. And things sparkle. For the religious, there’s the whole Jesus thing, which is probably satisfying. But. Over twenty years in a … Continue reading

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Shanti Outward

Thanks for all your beautiful responses for first-person shanti. I trust that the combination of our collective beaming and your willingness to speak your wishes out loud will manifest surprising things. So. Our second shanti at the end of class… Continue reading

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Who Are You?

I was at a funeral on the weekend. A very charming, intelligent friend of my lovely man took off the tight shoe sometime last week after a full 82 years. Here’s what whacked me: His body was there. It’s been … Continue reading

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Yoga, A Love Story

One of the things that yoga teaches me is this lifelong trip with my body is a love story. Some days I struggle, some days practice is effortless, some days I laugh through it, some days discouragement is the… Continue reading

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So I’m in this play called Marvin’s Room, having been cast about three days ago as Marvin, a man who never actually appears to the audience, and who has no dialogue. Not one line. He makes sounds (he’s had a … Continue reading

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