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gorgeous people everywhere, #1

There’s a woman who works at our post office downtown. She’s tall, strong looking, blonde/grey, and has a good, big mouth and therefore a good, big smile. She’s missing at least one part of one finger. You probably know her. … Continue reading

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To The Young Woman on Cash at The Grocery Store

I was just in the grocery store, buying paprika and chili powder. It was  my second time in this store in less than an hour. Most of the cashiers are wonderful in this place, the kind of women (why always … Continue reading

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On kids and their instincts

My dog and i were out for a walk the other morning on trails behind our house. To set a relevant context, I’ll tell you that dogs run free on those trails and that my dog, though poorly trained and … Continue reading

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‘Tis The Season

“Are you ready for Christmas?” What the hell does that mean? What a season. Sure, we sing Christmas tunes. And things sparkle. For the religious, there’s the whole Jesus thing, which is probably satisfying. But. Over twenty years in a … Continue reading

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Light Passing Through

“You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.” This is Steve Jobs, of course. During meditation, if we’re fortunate, we experience a kind of life-altering nakedness that permanently affects our perspective about what we are … Continue reading

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I Am More Than This

Warning: We are all actors. Acting in theatre is like growing a yoga practice. You do it with wonderful people. Some of it is challenging, most of it is fun. There are a lot of laughs. All the while, a… Continue reading

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Learning What I’m Not

"Don’t pretend yourself beyond your evolution." Byron Katie I thought by now I’d be calling all poses by their Sanskrit names. I thought I’d be vegan, dressed in earthy-bushy-leafy colors and hemp cloth, sprouting sprouts, and drinking water from my… Continue reading

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In Praise of Losing Your Head

In designing-your-ideal-life circles, coaches love to ask this: What do you love that makes you lose complete track of time? Maybe you lose track of time brushing your teeth. I don’t know. But having wasted great chunks of my life … Continue reading

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Everything I Need to Know

I’ve just returned from acting and directing at a theatre festival. Wish you’d been with us. Here’s what came up. 1. We think healthy and not-so-healthy thoughts, we feel healthy and not-so-healthy feelings. I do better when i welcome both, … Continue reading

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Yoga and Energy Management

Oh, I adore yoga today. Over a 20-year career in health care practice, you can’t help but see that health care, indeed life care, has everything to do with management of energy. Some people have a strong sense of their… Continue reading

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