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Patience is a Tough Gig

We’ve been spending a lot of time at our cabin on Smith Island, Lake Nipissing, middle of nowhere, northern Ontario. No running water, no electricity, quieter than the Dalai Lama’s head. As it gets dark in the evening (4pm in… Continue reading

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Oh, Yeah?

My yoga teacher trained in Mysore. Well so did mine. Mine lived in Mysore for 17 years.My teacher was born in Mysore. Well mine is on her third lifetime in Mysore. I go there for classes all winter.Do you know these conversations?My yoga teacher has… Continue reading

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Squared Breathing

Have you tried squared breathing? Inhale, two, three, four, hold, two, three, four, exhale, two, three, four, hold two, three four. Simple, but it’ll change your life. In the foreword to The Yoga of Breath by Richard Rosen, Rodney Yee writes that… Continue reading

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Meeting Place

f you’d asked me a year ago about yoga and my goals in practice, I would have talked about improvement. Hanging lower in forward bends, gaining strength everywhere, developing some kind of physical grace, and reversing the slumpiness I sense… Continue reading

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Yoga Goes Viral

I returned to yoga last year with a feverish intensity. Within two months I’d started a home practice just for the pleasure of it, and it seems there’s no looking back. I was ripe for it.After Christmas, my lovely man… Continue reading

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Meditation Works

I’ve decided to celebrate the end of one career by spending some time at our cabin on an island in Lake Nipissing.  The point was to do enough yoga and meditation daily to slow my mind significantly, to sneak  a … Continue reading

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Being There

A woman came into my clinic this morning with some tough news about her health, the kind of tough news that’s hard to hear and harder to deal with. Frightening, life altering.She told her story directly and honestly, and asked… Continue reading

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Magic Hour

Today it was 3:33 am. Pat got up to get some water. By the time he got back to bed I was wide awake. "Don’t get up," he said, a couple of times as he drifted off again.I love this… Continue reading

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All Together, Now

There is something LOVELY about this huge yoga conversation going on through these blogs.  It’s as though I found yoga and am now finding my home team, my community.And from you, the home team, come these bits of (sometimes crazy)… Continue reading

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Yoga Where

There’s a game we play in the clinic that I’d love to play with you. Here it is:  You can fly/swim/drive/hike/spaceship-travel/time-travel your way to anywhere, and do your favourite pose upon arrival. A photograph of you, in this pose, will… Continue reading

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