A Yogi’s Really Big House

Sting has said that yoga is the most
interesting thing in his life since music. In my beginner’s eyes, yoga is a house
with 1,000 doors in it leading to 1,000 different rooms.

big house.jpg

Physical Flexibility might be the name
over one door. Physical Strength is close by. Emotional Strength and Emotional
Flexibility have sliding doors. I didn’t see them at first. Chanting is down the hall. Meditation and Learn-to-Breathe are
somewhere near Chanting. Maybe Belly Dancing is there, too.

Self-Awareness might be an entire
floor. Stillness, Peace, Confidence, Humility,
Patience, Joy, Community, Acceptance–all in my house. Perfect Yoga Clothes might be in your
house. (I’m envious.)

I suspect that a room called Beautiful Yoga Body is
in every house, as soon as you walk in. There might not even be a door on that one. I pass right by it without
seeing, most days.

Competitiveness and Perfectionism are
grungy little closets in my house. They’ll disappear as soon as
I’m ready to renovate.

Questioning Your Entire Life is a great
room. Lots of daylight in there. Same goes for Loving All That Is,
Even The Ones You Don’t Love To Love. Big, beautiful rooms.

Tell us about your house. Do you live in just a few rooms or have you spread out? Which is your favorite room? Are there any rooms that make you nervous?

Thanks to Paul and Lori, who now own the house in which I grew up. Great picture. Thanks to yoga for its complexity, and
thanks to you for the conversation,


Dr. Kristin
Shepherd is a chiropractor, actor, and speaker (About All Things
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