All Together, Now

P1000055 (1).JPGThere is something LOVELY about this huge yoga conversation going on through these blogs.  It’s as though I found yoga and am now finding my home team, my community.

And from you, the home team, come these bits of (sometimes crazy) wisdom:
Difficult poses can be playful. Playful?!?
The mind has no answers. The heart has no questions.
It’s possible to do headstands and handstands without a wall. (This was news to me. Still can’t do it, but I will.)
It’s possible, in Double Pigeon pose, to drop your knees below nipple level. (Also news to me.)
Hamstrings lengthen over time. (Many thanks to every single person who has mentioned this. May you have many flexible years ahead.)
Facial injuries (I hear mostly about noses) can be expected when you overdo Eagle, Tree, and Half Moon. You would be amazed at the number of you who have mentioned this.
Yoga changes lives. (I know this one, but I can’t get enough of your stories.)
We’re so lucky to be in this together. Makes me wish we could do a class together.
I can’t figure the logistics of that (Let’s meet in Baltimore at 7pm on Wednesdays? Tokyo for the winter solstice? I dunno.), but i do know a way we can be together.
I found a website on which we can OHM together. No joke! You can join the ohming and look at a map and see who is ohming with you. Holy high tech, Batman!
So, here’s the site: Do As One.

If you’re ohming there, and you see a wee point to the right of center and oh, just a short trip north of the American border in Canada, that’s me. Ohming with you.
Thanks to Yoga Journal for creating such a gorgeous community, and thanks to you for the conversation,
Kristin Shepherd is a chiropractor, actor, and speaker (About All Things Wonderful) in North Bay, Ontario.  Join her on the web, on facebook, and on twitter.  Ohm.
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