Beginning Again

beginnersmindbackpack.jpgI’ve just celebrated my one year anniversary with yoga. My classes at the studio began last October, and last December I started practicing at home so that I might not continue to die after every class.

Neither the beginner’s crazy enthusiasm nor the beginner’s intimidation has left me.

My stomach whirlygigs a bit to say this, but I’m about to launch into another new phase of yoga. For the next three months I’ll be traveling with a tiny backpack, yoga clothes, and enough electronic equipment (the cords! the plug adapters! the surge protectors!) to send notes here, to you, and to the rest of the cosmos.

There are plenty of life goals forming around this trip. My yoga goal is to take my enthusiasm, curiosity, and abject fear, and see what yoga looks like through beginner’s eyes in Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia. There is no chance my experience will be comprehensive, but with luck I’ll gather a few wonderful stories. I hope you’ll join me. I also hope you’ll continue to share your own thoughts.  We’ve had quite a trip together already, haven’t we?
Thanks to the thrills that come with being new at this. Thanks to life for its open doors, and thanks, always, to you for the conversation,

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