Best Yoga of 2010?

beginnersmind12_28.jpgBest yoga of 2010?

Okay, I’ll start. Hands down, no
question, it was 108 Sun Salutations, done by myself at 4am on the
solstice, December 21st. Why was it the best? (I will
resist giving you all 108 reasons.)

  1. I can do it. This amazes me, even
    now. I did it with a large group last year and almost died of a
    paralytic exhaustion that lasted two days. This year, my god, my
    god, I’ve gone back at it again, and lived. Happy Christmas and
    New Year to me.

  2. 108 Sun Salutations gives me time
    to move through phases: slightly stiff, warm and happy, tired and
    worried I won’t make it, fear I’ve lost count again (I really
    should call it “108 or so”), and many, many waves of
    joy/bliss/ecstasy, possibly related to paralytic exhaustion.

  3. I read that physical yoga is
    preparation for meditation. My seated meditation, following the
    108, was more like flying. Holy mackerel, is all I can say.

  4. Last thing, and I’m not sure how
    to say this part. I finish the 108 knowing I’m on the yoga path.
    Not wondering, not on and off. I’m on it. It’s mine. Best
    feeling I’ve had in a long time.

What’s been your best yoga of 2010?
Let’s celebrate.

Thanks to yoga for a fabulous 2010, and
thank you for the conversation,


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