Channeling Marlene


“Darling, the legs aren’t so
beautiful, I just know what to do with them.”
–Marlene Dietrich

Who knows whether it’s Kundalini
yoga or the fact I’ve been back into yoga for almost two years.
(Maybe it’s affected by summer, menopause, too many
eclipses this year. Who knows with these things?)

Boat Pose does it. Chaturanga does it.
Kundalini Frog does it. Lion Pose. Breath of Fire with any pose does

Whatever it is,  my practice is generating
a kind of Marlene Dietrich, don’t-mess-with-me-honey energy that
rocks my little mat.

This week my lovely man met me on the
stairs after my practice and suggested we do something lovely and
romantic together. He may have tilted his head toward our room and lifted his eyebrows encouragingly, but he was also distracted by what looked like a receipt or something in his hand. With a formerly uncharacteristic blast of power from my chest and abdomen, I said, “Oh,
honey, I like your offer, but I think you can do a lot better than that for this goddess.” 

Channeling Marlene. It manifests in more direct eye
contact, a greater certainty about what I want and don’t want, and a delicious sense of power in my relationship to life in this universe. It smokes. (So did Marlene, in almost every existing photograph. Poor lungs.)

We talk often about yoga’s value in
calming us, in exploring peace and even tempers, in helping us relax into deep sleep
at night.

I’m curious about what you’ve
experienced on the other side, on the side of increased power and gutsy
fire through yoga. I’ll bet you have stories to tell, and poses that do it for you.

“Courage and grace are a formidable
mixture.” That’s Marlene. She thought the combination only
occurred in bullrings.

You shoulda tried yoga, honey.

Thanks to yoga for turning on the

Thanks to you for the conversation,


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