Great Ball of Fire


It was -41 degrees Celsius here
yesterday, which is about the same in Fahrenheit, and might as well
be absolute zero, the point at which all thermal motion in the
universe ceases. It was cold.

This is unusual, even for us in
Northern Ontario. At this temperature, the dog’s paws freeze by
the time we reach the end of the driveway. She wears boots just to
make it around the block. Occasionally we look back and she’s
lying upside down, holding her paws in the air. We take more time
getting dressed to take her out than we spend outside. Heavy boots,
snow pants, six (or so) shirts and sweaters, jacket,
marshmallow-puffy mitts, neck warmer or bank robber’s balaclava,
and hat. Still, our eyelashes freeze together.

OHHHHHHH, I love yoga during this
weather! My first sun salutation reminds me that warmth is possible,
that blood can move, that muscles are pliable. During my second, I
hold Plank for a few breaths, hold Chaturanga for a few breaths,
hold Upward Dog for a few breaths. By my third sun salutation, one
shirt layer comes off. Five minutes into it, sweat begins to roll.

Before yoga, I didn’t warm up between
November and March. Now every day is a southern holiday.

You don’t all live in cold climates–and you don’t want to, I assure you. But there are few things as
delicious as the universe moving from absolute zero to
fruity-drinks-by-the-ocean hot in the time it takes to brew a cup of

If you have your own warming favorites,
I’d love to hear them. If you have no need of added warmth,
thanks for the brief visit to Northern Ontario with me.

Thanks to yoga for providing warmth
from inside. Thanks to you for the conversation,


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