Happy, Merry … Love to the Yogis

winter08 002.jpgOh, this is a tricky time of year! And I’m so incorrect! I grew up with Christmas, so it’s what I know. Many/most in the world don’t celebrate. (I’m envious more often than not.)

We put a real tree (cut from under hydro lines, I promise), which damns me to environmental hell, I’m sure. As though to compensate, we cover it with ribbons but no lights. No decorations outside. Sheer laziness.

I am not religious, which can offend mobs of people this time of year. I’m not much of a shopper, which offends the local merchants and may further damage the economy. This year we’re having turkey for the first time in eight years. Former vegans. Watch that offend. I can’t get it right. Who can?

I don’t know what you’re doing at this point in the year. Whatever it is: celebrating, enjoying time off, working, screaming across the country to visit relatives or friends, enjoy.

During my practice today, I wish you happiness, joy, peace, deliriously centered calm, and, above all, love.

Thank you for believing so ardently in everything you care for, and thanks to yoga for bringing us all together.  Thanks again for the conversation,


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