Kundalini Crush


I’ve got a bad, bad case of Kundalini Crush. There’s no pride in saying this. I haven’t said
much about my last crush, on Javier Bardem, for example, even though
he is the best actor in the WORLD, because it sounds, well, a bit
trashy to have crushes when you’re older than 13.

Whether or not you admit it, though,
people catch on when the only movies you rent feature Javier Bardem,
you compare all men’s eyes to his (unfavorably), and all you can
talk about is the incredible depth of feeling in his incredible face.
(The overuse of superlatives is the number one sign you’ve gone
over the crush cliff.)

So, too, do you give yourself away when you convince your fellow actors that breath of fire is the best stage warm-up ever, when you stare
up at your own eyebrows, when
you start thinking you’d look fabulous in a white turban.

I’ve got it bad, and there’s not a
thing I can do about it except to ride it out. I’ll try not to
recruit you. I’ll try to respect that you may love your own yoga
to the same depth and breadth my soul can reach with Kundalini.
(Lapsing into Shakespeare is another sign you’ve gone over the
cliff.) You, for all I know, may think that Jean-Claude Van Damme is
the finest actor in the world. You may have your own yoga crush.

Truth is I’m only a week or so
into it. Perhaps I’ll have some perspective down the line. Or not.

Has this happened to you on your yoga
path? Have you ever jumped into a new form of yoga, one that knocks your socks off?

I’d love to hear.

Thanks to Kundalini yoga for being
AMAZING, brilliant, the best of the best. Of the very instant that I
saw you, did my heart fly at your service. Sorry. Shakespeare.

Thanks to Julie and Kelly, in the photo above, for giving breath of fire a whirl right before going on stage. Thanks to yoga, and to the fact that we love to fall in love.

Thanks to you, always, for the conversation,


Kristin Shepherd is a chiropractor, actor, and speaker (About All
Things Wonderful) in North Bay, Ontario.  Join her on the
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