The other day I recommended yoga to a
client, suspecting she’d benefit hugely from a regular practice. I
suggested she go to a local studio with great teachers.

Her response was to ask, “Do they
laugh there? Because I really need to go somewhere where we can

At my studio, the teachers are
lighthearted and genuine. There is the odd giggle, but it isn’t a
belly laughter kind of place. And, come to think of it, I have done
classes at other studios where the climate is far more serious, where
you’d be frowned at for laughing.

I understand the value of quiet focus.
I don’t love being distracted by crazy noise around me. But
I suspect that silence can be intimidating for beginners, who
might appreciate something lighter.

I wonder what you prefer, and whether
your preference has changed with time and experience. Is there room
for us to laugh together, or is disciplined silence the way to go?

I’d love to tell my friend that yoga
has room for all of us.

Thanks to Karen for the excellent
question. Thanks to my sister Tory for her laughasana photo, above.  Thanks to you for your answers, and for this wonderful


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