Mantras on the Mat


“This too shall pass.” Sounds
biblical. Wikipedia says no, that it first showed up in the writings
of the Persian Sufi poets. This makes me whirling-dervish happy,
being a huge fan of Hafiz and Rumi.

Other sources say it’s credited to anyone from
Abraham Lincoln to King Solomon. I’m surprised Nelson Mandela
isn’t on the list.

In Canada this week, we voted in a
majority government that, well, the majority didn’t ask for. (Our
voting system is a long story.) The winner in my area won’t be
certain until a recount takes place this week. There was a 14-vote
difference between first and second place.

And, oh, the commentary is loud,
contentious, and personal!

For minutes, I swing with the intense
feeling of it. Outrage! Panic! Discouragement. Hopelessness.
Meanwhile, others are feeling joy, elation, power, new strength.

Then I begin my practice. By the time I reach my third Sun Salutation, all I hear in my head is, “This too shall pass.”

I learn this every day on my mat. My
body’s struggles will pass. My body’s thrills will pass. Same
goes for the struggles and thrills of my relationships, my work, my
community, and my country.

“This too shall pass” is my mantra
on the mat this week.

Do you have one?

Thanks to yoga for perspective and for
being there even when the rest of life feels a bit crazy.

Thanks to you, always, for the


Kristin Shepherd is a chiropractor, actor, and speaker (About All
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