Meditation Camp


Have you been to a meditation camp before?

Having just returned from a five day version, I’d like to summarize the effects for you. This will come in handy if you decide to go yourself. It will also be useful if your friends or loved ones go and you are faced with the task of welcoming them home.

You don’t eat much at these things. A walnut is a substantial snack. Two days after my return home, I’m still eating out of what are basically Barbie bowls. Don’t be alarmed by this. It feels great.
You develop a slowness that can alarm the folks at home. My lovely man says, “Good morning.” After a few minutes, he says, “Are you all right?” Minutes later, I say, “Yes. I was contemplating your words.” Don’t be alarmed by this.
An enormous love develops for everyone. This morning I called an insurance company to discuss their policy on arch supports. By the end of the call, I told Connie she was so beautiful that it made my heart ache. I was a bit weepy. Don’t be alarmed by this as long as it’s a long distance call and you’re unlikely to meet Connie. Ever.

Everything that drove you crazy at home before now looks sweet and gentle. Doing the dishes. God, it still takes my breath a way. The warm water, the suds, the clean counter.  I’m too choked up to comment on whether or not you should be alarmed by this.
Your behaviors change. I brought my dog to work yesterday for the first time in 20 years. She’s an escape artist and would gladly go home with any of my patients, or plastered on the front bumper of a car if she had the opportunity. Both of those possibilities seemed the epitome of bliss to me yesterday. Today I’m alarmed by that.
All of this aside, it was fantastic to spend some time off the crazy mental grid, finding out who I am underneath the noise of daily life.

Have you been? Would you like to go? I’d love to hear.
Thanks to meditation for messing with my ridiculous mind. Thanks to yoga and its contemplative, meditative center. And thanks to you, you heartbreakingly beautiful thing, for the conversation. I love you, man.
Kristin Shepherd is a chiropractor, actor, and speaker (about All Things Wonderful) in North Bay, Ontario.  Join her on the web at, on Facebook at Dr. Kristin Shepherd, or on Twitter at kristinwonders.
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