Missing Class

hea858.jpgI’ve been away from yoga class for almost two weeks. Granted, I’ve done lots of practice in hotels, other people’s basements, and on the deck of a cottage in beautiful morning sun, but jeepers, I miss class.

This morning someone asked me if I have a dog.

“Do you like yoga?” I replied.

“No,” she said.  “What does that have to do with a dog?”

“Nothing at all.  It’s just the only thing I can think of right now.”

I have lots of these conversations when I’ve been away from class.

I miss my teachers, who are kind and excellent at what they do, and funny while they’re at it.
I miss the other students, most of whom are strangers to me, all of whom love what I love and are therefore friends of a kind.

I miss the sound of people breathing in unison.
I miss the gorgeous, quiet yoga music they play during Savasana.
I miss that dopey feeling that comes from a fully relaxed body and mind.
And I miss chanting om together at the end.

You forget how lovely all of this is until you’ve been away for a little while. What would you miss if you missed two weeks?

Thanks to my home studio for being there tomorrow (I’m so excited!), and thanks to you for the conversation.

Kristin Shepherd practices yoga, theatre, public speaking, writing, and chiropractic in North Bay, Ontario. Contact her at kristinshepherd.ca and at Dr. Kristin Shepherd on Facebook.

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