Poses That Make You Crazy

Okay, what is it with triangle pose????

(Those of you who are experts need not read this one. Go back to practicing your one-armed handstands with your legs in full lotus. I adore you, I do. I worship your accomplishments. But today’s thoughts are not for you.)

Triangle pose. Pretty basic. Do the triangle thing and reach forward to grab your first toe.

For the entire 10 months of my gorgeous, intensive involvement in yoga, this is exactly what happens with my right leg. I reach down, gently grab the first toe of my right foot, and look up to the ceiling. I breathe slowly and evenly. I don’t care if Rob and Cristina (my teachers) count to 29 on this one. Happiness.

Not so with my left leg. On my left side, I reach down, all the while thinking, I am so flexible, I am flexibility itself, I am flexibility incarnate and reincarnate. And my hand reaches mid-calf. Not an inch lower.

Makes me crazy. I know, I know, patience, kindness, acceptance of what is. Even if what is is a daily reminder of my exaggerated imbalance. All I wish for is balance, I tell myself.

So guess what happened this week? For no reason I can think of, my triangle pose has changed!

But not the way you think it might. Not the way it happens in fairy tales and romantic comedy yoga videos. Now neither of my hands can reach my toe! I mean it. I just tried it again before sitting here to write.

Both sides to mid-calf. Not an inch lower.

My thoughts? Be careful what you wish for. I wanted balance. I got it.

Is there a pose that drives you crazy? (Okay, if it’s the one-armed handstand with full lotus, you can play, too.)

Thanks to the yoga poses that drive us crazy, and thanks to you for the conversation.

Kristin Shepherd is a chiropractor, actor, speaker, and workshop wonderwoman in North Bay, Ontario.  Join her at kristinshepherd.ca or on Facebook at Dr. Kristin Shepherd.

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