Shanti Outward


Thanks for all your beautiful responses
for first-person shanti. I trust that the combination of our collective beaming
and your willingness to speak your wishes out loud will manifest
surprising things.

So. Our second shanti at the end of
class is meant to beam something healing and wonderful to someone who
needs it.

My list includes the following:

  1. I send huge LOVE to my lovely man,
    who had an eye removed this year because of a tumor. We’re going back for our first checkup in August. He doesn’t love hospitals. I send
    his body and heart love every single time I practice.

  2. I send huge LOVE to my kids, who
    don’t seem to need a thing, but I love the moments spent with them.

  3. I send love to my parents, who are slowly  approaching their exit from this life. I wish them wonderful time
    here and a peaceful transition.

  4. Occasionally I send love to my
    ex-husband. I have a vague sense that somewhere in the cosmos we’re
    connected to each other forever. I’m also extremely grateful for
    the sperm-and-egg thing we did together. Twice.

  5. This morning I’ll send love to
    whoever needs a bit of love: the frantic woman I met on the trails
    behind our house whose dog disappeared over the weekend, the striking
    postal workers, the folks who want mail (including yoga DVDs) delivered, the friend who’s at a funeral today, the friend who’s
    struggling with depression. You need love, I’ve got heaps of it at the end
    of my practice.

That’s my list. Who do you send
something to at the end of your practice?

Thanks to yoga for reminding me that
love is too big to keep to myself, and for giving us the opportunity
to put love to use at the end of each practice. Thanks to you for the


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