Six Things I Know

YJ downward dogs.jpgThere are six things I know about myself this morning after yoga practice:

1. I’m OK skipping one day of
practice. My body is happiest when I don’t skip two days. It is
perhaps pathetic to begin this list by discussing the practice I
don’t do.

2. I breathe more easily after
practice. An hour later, my chest and back are still loose and

3. Revolved Side Angle Pose is a
bugger. It may be another year before I feel what I imagine we are
supposed to feel in that one. I think I said the same thing last

4. Meditation is heaven. Many of you
write saying meditation is not a heavenly part of your practice.
You’re probably all having too good a time with Revolved Side Angle Pose to sink into meditation.

5. My lovely man and I wonder over
and over about how our lives and bodies would be completely
different if we had not rediscovered yoga. We have that chat almost
every time I watch him put a pair of pants on in the morning. He
used to look like an aging praying mantis getting dressed: rigid,
twiggy, in danger of snapping. Now he looks like a twelve-year-old

6. It is true that some part of me
looks forward to superyogi changes in my strength, flexibility, fat
content, and hair. (Many of the superstar yoginis have long,
absurdly luxurious hair. Does it not get in the way?) It is also
true that most days I am closer than ever to being content right
where I am. This observation is more shocking than it would be to
wake up with flexible shoulders, skinny legs, and long, glossy

That’s it for this morning. It
might be a completely different list tomorrow.

What do you know after practice?

Thanks to yoga for giving us good
things every day, and for never being over. Thanks to you for the


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