Spending Time With the Whole


We talked last time about meditation
being like digging a well, except that the digging is more like
successive letting go, and with each letting go, we sink a little
deeper until we reach the wholeness of who we are, that joy place,
that place where there are no problems, there are no questions to
answer. If you’ve been there, you know what I mean. It’s who we

It is not, however, where most of us
spend our days. Instead, we spend some part of the day with deadlines (what a horrifying word!),
timelines, family-lines, walk-the-dog-lines, not to mention all the
bogus insecurities and the bogus insecurity camouflages (clothes,
hair, makeup, cars, houses, titles …) that are also not who we are. 

So the benefit of spending morning time
with the greater part of me, the most whole and most holy place, is this:

I know myself to be huge and loving and
safe no matter what, so open and huge that the world and its
vicissitudes float right through me. When I open my eyes after a dose
of this, the life stuff that used to affect me–the money worries,
the body worries, the driving part of achievement, the heaps of time I spend
in the future and past–all of that is stripped naked and looks a bit
more ridiculous than it did before I closed my eyes. 

This change of perspective from surface to roots, to core truth, makes me less reactive, more patient, braver, and more useful in the world.

That’s gold for me.

Is this your experience? Does it sound
worth sitting for a few minutes each morning? (My not-so-secret goal
is to talk about how delicious this is until you fall in love with it

Thanks to yoga for not taking my surface definition of reality too seriously.

Thanks to you for the conversation,


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