Summer Highlights

yjrose.jpgSometime during the last hour, I touched my heels in Camel Pose. First time ever. There should be fireworks going off somewhere. This is absolutely one of the finest moments of the summer for me.

Here are others:
2.Two of my brothers traveled huge distances (one from Kuwait, one from the other side of the country) to join a family reunion this weekend. One said that yoga prevented what had looked like inevitable back surgery. He credits a version of Crow Pose. The other said that he and his wife have done yoga for months together in Kuwait. I’m not sure why these things thrill me, but they do.
3. Over the last two years, my practice has become more and more my own, and less like trying to fit myself into someone else’s definition of yoga. This summer, each day’s practice feels like 90 minutes of becoming more myself than ever. Again, where are the fireworks?
4. It’s becoming easier to take my practice with me when I travel. I credit laptops and DVDs. When overwhelmed at, say, family reunions, I know that quality time on my mat is as close as the room I’m sleeping in. Occasionally I can even convince a few others to join me. Last weekend, four of us lined up in front of my laptop.
5. Even in Northern Ontario, we can still practice outside at this point. This may not be the case in September, so I revel in every side twist up to a blue sky. Thanks, thanks, thanks for the blue sky.
Those are my summer yoga highlights. I’d love to hear yours.
Thanks to yoga for moving with us through all seasons. Thanks to you for the conversation,

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