The Reasons We Love Practice

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This week I asked every yogi
I met what their favorite part of practice is right now, today, in
this moment.

Here are some answers:

1. The sounds my feet make as they let go
at the beginning of practice.

2. I practiced this morning, so I’m done for the day.

3. The practice itself. (This, from my
lovely man who would not be more specific. My answer is my answer,
he said.)

4. The fact that yoga feels like home when
everything else is in packing boxes. (That’s me. We’re moving in
two days.)

5. A sense of peace that comes with it.

6. Alone time.

7. Time with other people who love yoga.

8. The clothes. (!)

9. Savasansa. (From someone who
guaranteed me this answer will never change.)

10. Kirtan with Krishna Das. (All right, this is me again.)

In a couple of words, what are your
favorite things about your practice right now? (I wonder how often
they change?)

Thanks for playing. I hope we’re
amazed by the variety of answers.

Thanks to yoga for being exactly what I
want every week. Thanks to you for the same thing, and for the


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