Things I Learned Over My Summer Holidays

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Holy Moly. I’ve just finished my first class in six weeks. I’ve been practicing almost daily at home, but not in studio.

Things I Learned Over My Summer Holiday, or Things I Really Learned When I Stepped Back Into Class:

1. I’m really good at Sun Salutations, because I love them. By good, I do not refer to form or finesse, but rather to enthusiasm and brute strength. I could now push my car to work if I had to.

2. I really am not good at almost everything that comes after Sun Salutations, because I practice what I love more than the stuff that makes me say, “Oh, god, here we go again.”
I am worst at Triangle Pose, which is still the bane of my existence  Closely followed by Extended Side Angle Pose. And by Camel.  Okay, there are others, too.

3. I was not holding anything for a count of five during the summer. I was holding for a count of “whatever”, which is almost always less than five. When in Triangle Pose, I count to .05.
On the other hand:
4. A good teacher is an incredible gift. There are about 7,000 things for me to learn, still, even during Sun Salutations.

5. I missed the quiet humor of our classes.

6. It is beautiful to be surrounded by yogis and yoginis, all loving this thing we do.

7. Oh, and the chanting. Yup. The chanting is better in class. My chanting was getting a bit thin and lonely.
It’s good to be back. Do you feel the same? No? Do you take holidays from classes at all?
Thanks to yoga for Solo Sun Salutations and Group Extended Side Angle Poses, and thanks to you for the conversation,

Kristin Shepherd is a chiropractor, actor, and speaker (about All Things Wonderful) in North Bay, Ontario.  Join her on the net at, on Facebook at Dr. Kristin Shepherd, and on Twitter at kristinwonders.
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