Which Yoga Camp Would You Attend?


My sister called the other day and said
we should plan a yoga trip together. We whooped and laughed about how
fantastic an idea that is until I asked my first question.

“What kind of yoga camp would shall
we go to?” I said.

“What do you mean?” she answered.
“Ashtanga, you nut.”

Then the idea fell apart. We both do and love Ashtanga yoga. But she’s a hard core Mysore woman. I’m not-so-hard-core.

Her dream holiday would be more Ashtanga.
What else?

 I want chanting and Bhakti yoga, the yoga of love, and
Kundalini yoga, and … I don’t know what else, but I want something
else. Something new and wild and crazier than what I do
every single morning.

“I like the discipline,” Tory says.
“I want more of that.”

Well. We’ll go another year, then,
when either Tory goes wild or I go back to craving more discipline,
both of which are very possible.

And you? If you could do any yoga camp
next week, let’s say seven days of your own choosing, what would
you pick? (The winner of this contest will be allowed to continue
dreaming. So will all the non-winners.)

Thanks to yoga for being so incredibly
diverse and for giving us whatever we desire. Thanks to you for the


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