Yoga Al Fresco 2

yjshoulderstand.jpgFollowing twice daily practices outside this weekend and last (blame the Kundalini fever), I have a few more observations on the differences between indoor and outdoor practice.

1. Some asanas are transformed by moving outside. Shoulderstand done indoors is a horror movie for me. Jaws music, nervous gut, gritted teeth, the whole thing. I’m OK with the fling upward, but sustaining it is hell. Outside, however, it’s gorgeous! The blue sky with drifting, fluffy sheep-clouds is such a mesmerizing background that I forget about the fact that I have no core strength yet. I will try all my dreaded poses this weekend, just for fun.

2. The smells are far better. Less carpet, less stinky armpit-and-crotch, and more clover, more pine needles, more bloomy plants I don’t know the names of.

3. The sounds are intoxicating. Where we are, it’s wind through pine needles and poplar (aspen) leaves, water rolling up on huge rocks, and the buzzing of bees, dragonflies, and humming birds. I’ll bet you have your own marvelous soundtrack.

4. Savasana is the best thing ever. It feels as though you’re floating in water. And if you’re lucky enough to have a tiny breeze? Well, you may never come back inside.
I hope you have a chance to try your yoga outside, even if it means Tree Pose on the sidewalk during your lunch hour. If you look up, your hands will look fantastic against the sky.

Thanks to yoga for offering such thrills.Thanks to you for the conversation,

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