Yoga Laughs


Things that make me laugh:

  1. The way we all think our form of
    yoga is the best yoga ever. I am the worst culprit that ever lived.
    Kundalini rules!

  2. The way I’m afraid to go back to
    an old class, try a new class, go to a friend’s class, have a new
    teacher show up in my class. For god’s sake, I’m anxious when I
    try a new DVD.

  3. The way a small part of me
    fantasizes that the right mat or the right yoga pants might improve
    my Handstand/Headstand/Crow/Forward Lunge/Camel. No luck so far.

  4. The inside voice that says, “I
    can’t do it, I can’t do it.” That voice has no imagination.
    She’s a one-liner. At least I’m laughing at her now.

  5. The way a yoga practice takes
    60-90 minutes, but yoga thinking, wondering, and dreaming consumes
    about 50 percent of my head space some days.

  6. The way I can’t wait to practice
    and then can’t wait for each pose to end sometimes. Make up your
    mind, honey.

  7. The way I feel. Honestly, I feel
    fantastic these days, so fantastic that it makes me laugh.

    I’d love to hear your yoga laughs.

Thanks to yoga for the humor. Thanks to my brother Adam, a yogi with a flexible face. Thanks to
you for the conversation,


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