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There’s a game we play in the clinic that I’d love to play with you. Here it is:  You can fly / swim / drive / hike / spaceship-travel / time-travel your way to anywhere, and do your favourite pose upon arrival. A photograph of you, in this pose, will be on your bedroom wall forever as a reminder that dreams can and do come true.

In the way of encouragement, I’ll say a couple of things.

Some people don’t like to play. They don’t like to commit (You can change your mind tomorrow! You can change your mind in 17 seconds!), or risk looking foolish, like the woman who finally said, “I can’t think of anything more exotic than Disney World, and even Disney World is too adventurous for me!” All answers are gorgeous, I told her. Pick your garage, if that’s what bakes your cake.

Some don’t like to dream at all because it depresses them. What is that? A lack of confidence? Hope? An atrophied imagination? An assumption that games are for kids?

Please take or leave this next bit. My intent is not to make you believe it, but to offer it in case it’s useful. We play these games at the clinic because they have gorgeous and practical effects. Bodies work best when we are alive, when we love ourselves enough to appreciate our current circumstances and dream of wonderful things to come.

Besides. It may come true.

Mine is Angkor Wat, a famous, ancient (hence the time travel) temple in Cambodia. I’m going this winter. Me, Downward Dog, Angkor Wat, 2011. Above is my daughter Kali, in Australia, imitating the big guy’s pose.

What’s yours? I can hardly wait to hear.

Thanks to Downward Dog for being the perfect travel partner, and thank you for the conversation,


Kristin Shepherd is a chiropractor, actor, and speaker (about All Things Wonderful) from North Bay, Ontario. Join her on twitter, on Facebook, and on the web.

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